1,4GROUP Canada offers innovative and effective post-harvest potato sprout suppression and dormancy enhancement solutions. We offer CIPC: the tried-and-true method for sprout inhibition. We also offer a complimentary range of sustainable newer-generation storage management products:

Our Products


For table, processing and chipper potatoes: a fully reversible, naturally-occurring dormancy enhancer that offers producers exceptional dormancy control.


For seed potatoes: the one and only dormancy-extending product available anywhere for use in seed storage – highly effective and based on nature’s own dormancy solution.


For fresh-pack potatoes: an ultra-convenient and effective dormancy enhancer that supports freshness through shipping and at the customer’s counter.


For table, processing and chipper potatoes: a greener, more sustainable rescue option that offers 95-100% burn-back on even 4+ inch sprouts.


For processing and tablestock potatoes: a high-purity, solid CIPC that offers improved handling safety, higher residues and can be applied at lower temperatures than liquid formulations. When combined with 1,4SIGHT®, PIN NIP® 98% CIPC provides optimal sprout control and quality maintenance.

Spud Guard® 2 EC

For fresh-pack potatoes: a highly water soluble CIPC line spray that works well with cold water and emulsifies quickly for high residue uptake.