If peeping or sprouting is already occurring, 1,4Zap® – used either as a stand-alone rescue product or in conjunction with 1,4SIGHT® – can stop sprouting in its tracks.

1,4Zap® OFFERS:

  • 95-100% BURN-BACK ON SPROUTING: 1,4Zap® safely and effectively eliminates emerging peeps and sprouts. By burning back sprouting, 1,4Zap® allows tubers to store their energy, translating to less shrink and more salable weight.
  • A “FRESH AGAIN” SOLUTION: 1,4Zap® offers a quick cleanup on sprouting potatoes, freshening their overall look. Upgrading sprouting tubers can help producers reduce shipment rejections and even capture the bonuses for top-quality, sprout-free tubers.
  • ENHANCED SAFETY: Unlike other rescue products available on the market, 1,4Zap® does not have a scent issue and is safe for workers. In fact, no personal protective equipment is required after aerosol particles are visibly settled.
  • CONVENIENCE AND FLEXIBILITY: 1,4Zap® can be fogged at the same time as 1,4SIGHT® to manage peeps and extend shelf life at the same time.


1,4Zap® is a bio-chemical that effectively burns back potato sprouts of any size. Fogged onto a pile as a vapour, 1,4Zap® flows through even a settled pile easily. Once it is absorbed by each sprout tissue, 1,4Zap® quickly blackens peeps and sprouts, producing a complete dry-down in a matter of weeks.


1,4Zap® suits all common varieties of table, processing and chipper potatoes. 1,4Zap® can be applied alone or in combination with 1,4SIGHT® at a wide range of application rates, depending on sprout size. Producers can ship treated potatoes soon after application, as soon as the desired outcome is achieved. Contact your applicator to discuss optimizing treatment for specific varieties, your storage conditions, and your shipping priorities.

Our Products


For table, processing and chipper potatoes: a fully reversible, naturally-occurring dormancy enhancer that offers producers exceptional dormancy control.


For seed potatoes: the one and only dormancy-extending product available anywhere for use in seed storage – highly effective and based on nature’s own dormancy solution.


For fresh-pack potatoes: an ultra-convenient and effective dormancy enhancer that supports freshness through shipping and at the customer’s counter.


For table, processing and chipper potatoes: a greener, more sustainable rescue option that offers 95-100% burn-back on even 4+ inch sprouts.


For processing and tablestock potatoes: a high-purity, solid CIPC that offers improved handling safety, higher residues and can be applied at lower temperatures than liquid formulations. When combined with 1,4SIGHT®, PIN NIP® 98% CIPC provides optimal sprout control and quality maintenance.

Spud Guard® 2 EC

For fresh-pack potatoes: a highly water soluble CIPC line spray that works well with cold water and emulsifies quickly for high residue uptake.