For table, processing and chipper potatoes: a fully reversible, naturally-occurring dormancy enhancer that offers producers exceptional dormancy control.


  • NATURE’S OWN DORMANCY SOLUTION: 1,4SIGHT® is NOT a sprout suppressant. Rather, it is a fully reversible, naturally-occurring dormancy enhancer that wears off – just as it would in nature – as it volatilizes out of the tuber.
  • LESS STORAGE LOSS: 1,4SIGHT® promotes dormancy by triggering the production of enzymes that help suberization and wound healing and slow moisture loss. Lower respiration reduces shrink, decreases susceptibility to pressure bruise, and allows tubers to store their energy rather than using it up through early sprouting. In seed potatoes, saving energy not only translates to less shrink and more salable weight, but it also means seeds have much better vigour at planting.
  • STABILIZED SPROUT-FREE DORMANCY: 1,4SIGHT® enhances dormancy throughout the storage season, helping table and processing potatoes keep their fresh appearance and reducing load downgrades. It can also re-establish dormancy in tubers that are starting to peep.
  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: 1,4SIGHT® ensures your tubers stay contentedly dormant right up until shipping, no matter when you choose to ship. 1,4SIGHT® can be applied early, mid and/or late-season: in fact, as late as two weeks before shipping. 1,4SIGHT® also supports ongoing dormancy even when storage is warmed during partial shipments.
  • ZERO RESIDUE CONCERNS: Formulated from a naturally-occurring chemical that entirely volatilizes away, 1,4SIGHT® poses no residue concerns of any kind, and is residue-exempt by the PMRA and EPA.
  • BONUS! LESS BRUISING: An early-season application of 1,4SIGHT® increases tubers’ turgidity, helping protect them from pressure bruise and shrink.More and more producers are reporting additional anti-bruising benefits from a late season application of 1,4SIGHT®. Applied a couple weeks before load-out, 1,4SIGHT® appears to reduce the impact of pressure bruise in table, processing or chipper potatoes. While 1,4SIGHT® cannot remove late-season bruising, it triggers the production of enzymes in tubers that – anecdotally at least – reduce pressure bruise colour formation. We’re working with independent ag researchers to better understand the mechanisms and best management practices of using 1,4SIGHT® for bruise control.


1,4SIGHT® is formulated from 1,4 Dimethylnaphalene (1,4-DMN), a dormancy-enhancing hormone that potato plants naturally produce. Fogged onto a pile as a vapour, 1,4SIGHT® flows through even a settled pile easily. Once it is absorbed by each tuber’s skin, 1,4SIGHT® triggers the production of enzymes that temporarily keep the sprouting cells as the G2 resting phase. 1,4SIGHT®’s sprout dormancy enhancement is fully reversible: the speed at which the hormone wears off can be controlled by storage temperature, ventilation and application rate.


1,4SIGHT® suits all common varieties of table, processing and chipper potatoes. Contact your applicator to discuss optimizing treatment for specific varieties, your storage conditions, and your shipping priorities. 1,4SIGHT® can be applied as:

  • An effective stand-alone solution: 1,4SIGHT® can be applied throughout the storage season until very close to shipping, allowing a producer exceptional control over dormancy’s timing. Apply 1,4SIGHT® as soon as potatoes are in storage to establish a deep, early dormancy. Apply 1,4SIGHT® mid- or late-season to extend dormancy and control sprouting.
  • A supplement to CIPC: Whereas CIPC is absorbed through the tuber’s eye and works externally to prevent peeping, 1,4SIGHT® works internally to promote dormancy. 1,4SIGHT® maximizes the efficacy of a CIPC-based storage program, and can allow a producer to decrease CIPC rates in certain cases.

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Our Products


For table, processing and chipper potatoes: a fully reversible, naturally-occurring dormancy enhancer that offers producers exceptional dormancy control.


For seed potatoes: the one and only dormancy-extending product available anywhere for use in seed storage – highly effective and based on nature’s own dormancy solution.


For fresh-pack potatoes: an ultra-convenient and effective dormancy enhancer that supports freshness through shipping and at the customer’s counter.


For table, processing and chipper potatoes: a greener, more sustainable rescue option that offers 95-100% burn-back on even 4+ inch sprouts.


For processing and tablestock potatoes: a high-purity, solid CIPC that offers improved handling safety, higher residues and can be applied at lower temperatures than liquid formulations. When combined with 1,4SIGHT®, PIN NIP® 98% CIPC provides optimal sprout control and quality maintenance.

Spud Guard® 2 EC

For fresh-pack potatoes: a highly water soluble CIPC line spray that works well with cold water and emulsifies quickly for high residue uptake.